Site Visits - Back to the Future

Project Manager Patrick O’Sullivan and Steve Watson from Buckinghamshire County Council recently revisited some key locations on the East West Rail route in Buckinghamshire.

Among the interesting sites visited was the old station at Swanbourne. “Mick Waters” who lives at the old station building along side the platform happened to be there – Mick and Patrick are pictured in conversation about East West Rail.

The following pictures of Swanbourne station early 1900’s and now (October 2011) makes for an interesting comparison as does the equivalent then and now at the old Winslow station.


Swanbourne Station early 1900’s
Photo: courtesy of Wolverton Living Archive©

Swanbourne Station October 2011


Winslow Station 1962
Photo: courtesy of Wolverton Living Archive©

Winslow Station 2005
Photo: Nick Catford