Delivery of Oxford-Cambridge at the earliest opportunity


The Partnership will continue to work with government and the East West Railway Company to support delivery of Oxford-Cambridge at the earliest opportunity.

The government has previously set out its commitment to complete the restoration of the Oxford to Cambridge rail link (including the Aylesbury-Milton Keynes link) by 2030, under the remit of the East West Railway Company.

We consider it both possible and essential to the ambitions of the region that Bletchley-Bedford services are operational prior to the completion of the Bedford to Cambridge section.

Delivery of Oxford-Cambridge is vital, given the key role that East West Rail has in enabling the potential of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to be realised, in a way that is consistent with the requirement to achieve net zero carbon.

Work update

The Partnership is joint funding work to update and re-emphasise the strategic case for East West Rail between Oxford and Cambridge (including the link to Aylesbury). This work was approved at our Board meeting in March 2022: EWMLP Strategic Board 090322 Item 3 Making the case for EWR

East West Railway Company: The East West Railway Company is responsible for the overall delivery of the Oxford-Cambridge project. Their website provides up to date information on its progress.

The East West Rail Alliance: The East West Rail Alliance is constructing the line between Bicester and Bletchley. See their latest progress report, presented to the Partnership in March 2022: EWR Alliance – CS1 Update – 090322